Guyana Untitled

August 2016

This untitled collection of photographs are part of an ongoing project which has no foreseeable conclusion. In fact, all of the photographs are untitled and are only distinguishable by their reference name found between the parentheses. This is reminiscent of the village tradition of having multiple names. Predominantly in the Indio-Guyanese community, people would usually have two names; their of cial name found on their passport and their “call” name, found on the lips of everyone in their village.

There is a disconnection between Guyana and myself. My family and I left at the age of four and became part of the million who make up Guyana’s diaspora. We practiced every cultural and religious tradition and adapted the sense of the village to our new home. Looking back now, I can see while my family’s traditions were evolving, my own connection to Guyana was vanishing.

These photographs are the fruits of those tensions; the tensions between what I believed Guyana was and what I know the reality of Guyana is. They are the memories of events and places I never knew before photographing them. These documents are centred around my understanding of Guyana as someone who has lived outside its borders for the majority of my life. They uncover the tensions between Guyanese traditions as I know them; primarily first hand as a part of an expatriated family, and the traditions as they exist within Guyana.